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Jul 11, 2013

summer to me means steamy days, hot nights and the occasional fresh breeze from the ocean. growing up in new york city, it was a treat to escape the burning cement streets for warm soft sand. it’s pretty funny that now in chicago, where summer is lucky to last more than six weeks, I have a roof-top pool just four floors up.

monday nights are usually uneventful but because it was such a gorgeous evening we couldn’t resist heading up to the roof for a summer barbecue for two. while grilling, the smells led to flashbacks of evenings in the backyard of my parent’s summer rental on long island and the corner of prince and elizabeth st. where they serve the famous grilled corn of cafe habana. although it was a weeknight and there was no ocean in the distance, my pool provided a brief escape for me to truly soak in the beloved smells of summer.

**try cafe habana’s Richard Ampudia’s recipe for grilled corn topped with cotija cheese.